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una vecchia barbogia
11 December 2017 @ 05:29 pm
Here is a list of fics and fanarts I created for lj-related occasions (exchanges, fests, etc.) Older HP and ASOIAF fanarts can be found on my deviantArt. Most of my ASOIAF fanarts can be found also on tumblr, including fanarts not created for lj.

HP and Snape fanworksCollapse )

ASOIAF fanworksCollapse )***

There are more to come in the future! Stay tuned ;)
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una vecchia barbogia
14 January 2018 @ 08:29 pm
My dear flist,

I am no longer much active on lj, but since this is the time of the year in which I *am* actually active, I have at least to acknowledge the two fests I still participate to, and to thank the people who created gifts for me.
In the sshg_giftfest, I received a wonderful fanart by kiertorata, with a soft palette and a meeting of the minds (and hands at work): Discoveries

Other favourites from the SS/HG gift fest were:

The Heart knows by amorette Summary: It’s four years after the war. Hermione hates her job, misses having a love life, and does a lot of extra-curricular reading. Severus has a frozen heart (no, really), has taken up drinking, and does quite a lot of spying. They both drink a lot of tea, and both have returned to Hogwarts without high hopes or expectations. After all, what is there to look forward to when you’re forced to work with someone you mostly, probably hate?

The red brassiere by themightyflynn Summary: Severus has been working on this potion for the past five years. An encounter with Miss Granger gives him more than enough of the special ingredient he needs to finish his experiments.

Who I am by bardsdaughter1 Summary: In order to cure Severus Snape following the final battle, he is de-aged to just after his nineteenth birthday. As with all things, no cure comes without a cost. In Severus’ case, his cure costs him his memories of the intervening years. Will Severus see it as a gift or a curse?

Oops, Opportunities and What do you get a wizard for Whatmas? by jodel_from_aol

The gift I created for toblass was The Feline Appreciation Enhancer (SS/HG, watercolors, G).

In HoggywartyXmas, I received a long, funny, charming, heartwarming fic by cranky__crocus: All's Well that Ends Oil Summary: EMOWL has come to Hogwarts, but what else?

Other favourites from HoggywartyXmas were:

1 Bitter 2 Sweet by kellychambliss Summary: This book is the property of Severus Tobias Prince Snape, Slytherin.
A diary written by Severus himself as a young boy and then adult, providing a closer-than-canon exploration of the character.

Ding Dong merrily on high by delphipsmith Summary: The Hogwarts ghosts want to spread a little holiday cheer. Things do not go as planned.
Incredibly funny and "just this side of crack".

The Life and Love of Filius H. Flitwick by purplefluffycat Summary: Summary: 'Filius’” she mused, regarding him again with those dark, unblinking eyes. “Son of both wizard and goblin. Inspiration to many. Friend to all.” This is his story.
The story about Filius I have always wanted to read.

How to Give Socks and Influence Elves (and Pretty Professors) by alisanne Summary: When Professor Granger decides the Hogwarts house-elves deserve Christmas presents, it somehow ends up being Severus’ job to make it happen.
Lucius steals the show in this funny tale.

The gift I created for snax0 was Surprise Meeting in Hogsmeade (Minerva/Eileen, Severus, watercolors, G).

Thanks to the SS/HG fest and HoggywartyXmas, I managed to spend a lovely holiday time, the most peaceful period in a while. A very special thank to therealsnape, who kindly wrote me twice to check how I was faring.

(Reposted in a public mode).
una vecchia barbogia
15 August 2017 @ 07:49 am

2017 banner 1

I'm going to sign up!
una vecchia barbogia
10 January 2017 @ 04:00 pm
A very short entry to acknowledge the reveals of hoggywartyxmas. Thank you purplefluffycat for your wonderful gift, Reparation. It is saved in my kindle.

I can now also revear that my own contribution was Exploding Crackers (G, Snape, Lupin) drawn for shadowycat. Drawing this Christmas scene gave me the chance to experiment a bit with creating an animated gif in Photoshop, something I discovered is quite easy (that is, if you follow the tutorial step by step.) I had also created a still wallpaper, but something didn't work in the Hoggywarty post, and the wallpaper was never visible. I am sorry for that. Although the Christmas season is now over, in case you wish to download it for next year, the wallpaper is here (click to full size):

una vecchia barbogia
07 January 2017 @ 10:45 pm
So. As usual, I've been postponing this entry for the last few days. This post will be mainly about fests and fandom.

1. First of all, I managed to read and comment all entries in the sshg_giftfest (w00t to me!). The reveals have been out since January 1st, so I can now publicly thank lenaa1987 for her gift, Definition. It's the first time I was gifted with a Voldemort wins/dystopian tale, and I cherished every single word. Thank you so much.

I can also now publicly share that my own contribution (in case somebody missed it) was Pascentia's Passion (warning! NSFW!!!), drawn for mundungus42. I'm glad you liked it, Mundungus.

In addition to the fics I already recced in my last post, I wanted to add the beautiful Riddles in the Pub by the outstanding delphipsmith, a very nerdy tale of how Snape and Granger bond over Tolkien. It's a gem.

2. hoggywartyxmas too came to an end, however the reveals will be only on Monday (Snape's birthday), so all entries are still anonymous. In no particular order (apart from the last three I'll mention), my favourite entries were:
Under cutCollapse )

My very favourite entries were:

Reawakening (the Hogwarts staff and students bring Snape some gifts while he's in a coma after the Battle of Hogwarts. With just a hint of SS/HG if you choose to read it so. Gorgeous.)
Great Balls of Snow (a masterful comic about a snow battle. Really, I have no words to describe how awesome that is. It just features my new favourite Snape portrayal:)

And of course my gift, Reparation, written in first person by a deliciously wry Minerva. Thank you!

3. snapecase has started, however I haven't contributed to it. The reason is very simple: by the time Snapecase starts, I have already been reading HP fics for one month (SS/HG gift fest and then HoggywartyXmas) and I cannot go on reading fics for a new whole month. Whenever I've tried following fests in January, either I've failed after the first few entries or I've managed with great difficulty.

A long discussion about fandom and my reading habits.Collapse )

This is why, apart from other considerations (I don't have much free time), I still don't know if I'll participate to the Happy Snape Week. But it's not a reason why you shouldn't participate.

And as usual, even if I'm not on lj, I'm daily on the internet. You can find me on facebook or drop me a message here anytime you wish (and I could go on discussing HP despite what I wrote above ^^)

una vecchia barbogia
25 December 2016 @ 10:08 pm
Overdue post, in which I'll try to cover all the subjects at hand...

a.  Following a couple of discussions about Snape and Snape's appearance, I took advantade of a train ride to sketch a little Snapey. There was a beautiful line in one of the fics from the current sshg_giftfest, "He [Snape] looked utterly lost" (while watching Hermione who brushes some snow off from his coat). I tried to sketch it, in slots 1 and 3 (whiche were the last ones to be sketched, since this was drawn clockwise), but haven't exactly caught that moment of entrancement.

2. The said sshg_giftfest has come to an end today, with the Anonymous Masterlist posted. I managed to read and comment every single entry but for the last two; the overlapping with HoggywartyXmas has earthquaked all my organisation, and from being perfectly on time with the daily update, I'm now five fics behind considering both fests (sigh.) Anyway, my favourite entries from this round were:
entries under the cutCollapse )

And last but not least my fabulous gift, Definition, a wonderful Voldemort wins told in beautiful, sparse prose. I've already read it many times and every time I find some new subtext.

All entries are still anonymous, until the final reveals.

3. During the fest, I also managed to re-read my very favourite story from last year, The Shadow War by death_ofme, and I loved it just like the first time I read it. I also started reading the famous Post Tenebras, Lux by Loten (I was more or less at 26% before Christmas week trumped all my organisation). I loved the beginning, but several aspects of the development puzzled me. Anyway, I plan to finish it once I'll be done with the holiday fests.

4. Which brings me to THE holiday fest, hoggywartyxmas, that started a couple of days ago. As I wrote before, I'm shamefully behind with my reading, but I hoe to catch up next week. Go there, you! Go and follow!

5. By the way, if you perchance want to follow me, you can now find me also on Instagram (sometimes). I am currently working on a graphic novel (to be published hopefully in Autumn, 2017) written and drawn by me, Le tende bianche, for an Italian publisher. If you are not afraid of Italian, you can follow its progression here on facebook.

I hope this is all. A very merry Christmas to you all. <3
una vecchia barbogia
09 December 2016 @ 10:30 pm

In order; Newt, Bellatrix, Theon and Ramsay, Theon and "Esgred" and Enjolras and Grantaire from Les Mis. All drawn in the last two days at a comic convention.
una vecchia barbogia
03 December 2016 @ 09:47 pm
In short: I loved it. To bits.

I went to the theatre with very low expectations. I had read many fan reviews in the last few days, and I was convinced I was going to watch 1. a bad movie, and 2. a bad installment in the HP universe. While I had liked the first trailer, back then, I didn't like the second one and I almost skipped going to watch it altogether.

But then I enjoyed it immensely. I was actually surprised to realise, at the very beginning of the movie, that I was liking it. By 10% in I was already sold and at the end of the show I clapped my hands, as other viewers did. I was ready to watch the other four movies right then, at the end of the credits! Well, by the time the last Fantastic Beasts movie hits the cinemas, I'll be forty and would have devoted exactly half of my life to Harry Potter. There are worse things in life.

Naturally, the movie is not without faults.Spoilers aheadCollapse )

Obviously, I loved also all the animals, in particular the little llamas with wide eyes (I want one!!)

Of course, this is not high cinema. But I watched practically all the film with my mouth hung down, like a child, in pure amazement and delight. I am happy to be back on tracks.


Eta: Right after posting this entry I discovered of the sad loss of scatteredlogic, one of the mods of the SS/HG exchange. I didn't know her personally, but this is a very sad news for all the HP and SS/HG fandom. Rest in peace, Lora.

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una vecchia barbogia
01 December 2016 @ 02:28 pm
I ain't dead (in case you wondered.) I am quite continuously online, only not on lj any longer. :P In any case, today the sshg_giftfest will begin and I will be on lj again every day! :D

2016 banner 1

Can't wait for the first post! I haven't read new fics in quite a while (if you exclude some Charlotte Lucas/ Mr. Collins fics I miraculously found on AO3). I made the deliberate choice not to read The Cursed Child, and I still have to watch Fantastic Beasts (though I'll go on Saturday) so I'm quite behind in the new HP bandwagon. While I still believe in SS/HG as always, I'm quite disinterested in what akatnamedeaster has aptly described as the passage from HP as a series to HP as a franchise.

In any case, I still had to show you the Hogwarts-inspired blanket my grandmother knitted for me! I asked her to make a blanket similar to the one I drew last year for HoggywartyXmas (link) and bought her the wool. It's not a very warm blanket, more a plaid than a heavy, winter blanket, but I love to have a Hogwarts Houses plaid! <3

See you soon on the SS/HG gift fest!
una vecchia barbogia
19 September 2016 @ 07:37 pm
Later than anyone else, I wanted to remind you that there are still two days left to sign-up for the SS/HG gift fest!

2016 banner 1

Look, they used one of my fanarts for their banners! Come have fun with us :D