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una vecchia barbogia
11 December 2017 @ 05:29 pm
Here is a list of fics and fanarts I created for lj-related occasions (exchanges, fests, etc.) Older HP and ASOIAF fanarts can be found on my deviantArt. Most of my ASOIAF fanarts can be found also on tumblr, including fanarts not created for lj.

HP and Snape fanworksCollapse )

ASOIAF fanworksCollapse )***

There are more to come in the future! Stay tuned ;)
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03 December 2016 @ 09:47 pm
In short: I loved it. To bits.

I went to the theatre with very low expectations. I had read many fan reviews in the last few days, and I was convinced I was going to watch 1. a bad movie, and 2. a bad installment in the HP universe. While I had liked the first trailer, back then, I didn't like the second one and I almost skipped going to watch it altogether.

But then I enjoyed it immensely. I was actually surprised to realise, at the very beginning of the movie, that I was liking it. By 10% in I was already sold and at the end of the show I clapped my hands, as other viewers did. I was ready to watch the other four movies right then, at the end of the credits! Well, by the time the last Fantastic Beasts movie hits the cinemas, I'll be forty and would have devoted exactly half of my life to Harry Potter. There are worse things in life.

Naturally, the movie is not without faults.Spoilers aheadCollapse )

Obviously, I loved also all the animals, in particular the little llamas with wide eyes (I want one!!)

Of course, this is not high cinema. But I watched practically all the film with my mouth hung down, like a child, in pure amazement and delight. I am happy to be back on tracks.


Eta: Right after posting this entry I discovered of the sad loss of scatteredlogic, one of the mods of the SS/HG exchange. I didn't know her personally, but this is a very sad news for all the HP and SS/HG fandom. Rest in peace, Lora.

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una vecchia barbogia
01 December 2016 @ 02:28 pm
I ain't dead (in case you wondered.) I am quite continuously online, only not on lj any longer. :P In any case, today the sshg_giftfest will begin and I will be on lj again every day! :D

2016 banner 1

Can't wait for the first post! I haven't read new fics in quite a while (if you exclude some Charlotte Lucas/ Mr. Collins fics I miraculously found on AO3). I made the deliberate choice not to read The Cursed Child, and I still have to watch Fantastic Beasts (though I'll go on Saturday) so I'm quite behind in the new HP bandwagon. While I still believe in SS/HG as always, I'm quite disinterested in what akatnamedeaster has aptly described as the passage from HP as a series to HP as a franchise.

In any case, I still had to show you the Hogwarts-inspired blanket my grandmother knitted for me! I asked her to make a blanket similar to the one I drew last year for HoggywartyXmas (link) and bought her the wool. It's not a very warm blanket, more a plaid than a heavy, winter blanket, but I love to have a Hogwarts Houses plaid! <3

See you soon on the SS/HG gift fest!
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19 September 2016 @ 07:37 pm
Later than anyone else, I wanted to remind you that there are still two days left to sign-up for the SS/HG gift fest!

2016 banner 1

Look, they used one of my fanarts for their banners! Come have fun with us :D
una vecchia barbogia
04 July 2016 @ 08:35 pm
Chers/chères ami(e)s qui parlent ou lisent en français, je suis heureuse de vous annoncer que vous pouvez lire quelqu'une de mes HP fics en traduction française, maintenant, merci à Aësälys. Pendant les années, quelqu’un m’a demandé licence de traduire mes fics, mais normalement la question n’était pas suivie de l’effet. Dans ce cas, oui, il y a été ! J’ai été ravie de lire les commentaires des lecteurs en français. Juste aujourd’hui, Aësälys a publié la traduction de Absolutely Meaningless, écrite pour le première édition de Deeply Horrible. Merci encore à Aësälys pour ses efforts.  
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24 March 2016 @ 10:39 pm
Not following either JKR’s accounts or the Pottermore, I learnt that Rowling had written some new pieces about Hogwarts from Twitter links about it – meaning, I became aware there was a polemic about “Magic in North America” far before reading the piece myself. I read that people were outraged about her incorporation of Native American myths into the HP universe, and that she was accused of being not careful at all in her world building. That she was not, in other words, politically correct enough to satisfy certain corners of the internet.

Now, you probably now that I haven’t been overly enthusiastic about many of JKR’s declarations after the official ending of HP. I am only mildly curious about The Cursed Child, I haven’t read The Tales of Beedle the Bard (yet) and maybe wouldn’t have even read “Magic in North America” if not for the criticism. I wanted to see it for myself, so in the end I downloaded and read it.

I must say, first thing, that I’m obviously not American (I’m Italian), not tied in any way with Native American culture, and vastly ignorant about it. This said, the first half of Magic in North America didn’t seem to me deserving of such an acrid polemic. I liked how she tied the Animagi to the Skin walker myth, I found it clever and amusing. Probably no one would have criticised it, had it been in a fanfic.

About cultural appropriations, I can only repeat how much of the human culture, worldwide, was built around appropriating ideas and concepts from other cultures and mixing them together. We would not have the great majority of world literature if it wasn’t for cultural loans and adaptations. And on a personal level, if I had to start a polemic every time Italy and Italians weren’t portrayed “correctly” by someone else I wouldn’t be doing anything else with my time. I read somewhere that Mrs. Rowling shouldn’t be talking about Native Americans because they are very much alive, and the way she writes about them makes them some legendary/past figures like Vikings, samurai, etc. Well, I can assure you that stereotyping concerns almost every population on the world, dead or alive. The way Italy and Italians are portrayed in (even greatly successful) books and movies is often laughable, but – personally – I find that lashing out a twitter campaign, say, against something like “Eat Pray Love” for their stereotyping would be even more laughable. I have something worthier to do with my time.

On the other hand, what I found truly disconcerting in Magic in North America was not the object of criticism (at least, by the articles I read). What I really found criticisable was the treatment of Dorcus Twelvetrees in the section “Rappaport’s Law.”

Rappaport’s Law, which I believe was mentioned somewhere in the canon HP books (thought I don’t remember in which occasion) was “designed to create total segregation of the wizarding and No-Maj [Muggle] communities.” We are informed that the need to pass the law originated in the misplaced love the daughter of the Secretary of Treasury, Dorcus Twelvetrees, felt for a man who belonged to a family of Scourers (witch hunters). Dorcus revealed this man the secret location of the Magical Congress of the United States (MACUSA) and other things she ought never have spilled out. MACUSA was forced to deal very harshly with the consequences of Dorcus’ actions, and from then on “being ‘a Dorcus’ was slang for an idiot or inept person.”

I find this depiction of female’s indiscretion far more disturbing than the adaptation of Native American legends. What is called a political “catastrophe” is generated by a silly woman’s indiscretion, caused by the fact she was in love. It is generated not by political intrigues, plots, manipulations etc, but by a misplaced love, of a woman unable to keep her mouth shut. I was in disbelief, while reading. Or I shouldn’t say in disbelief: after all, Rowling has proved already many times how much closeted misogyny she hides in herself. I was in disbelief she had done it again. After Merope Gaunt (Voldemort’s mother). After Helena Ravenclaw (a.k.a. the Grey Lady, Rowena Ravenclaw’s daughter that got killed by the Bloody Baron). Another woman victim of a misplaced love causes a problem of far greater proportions, that she doesn’t solve herself but has to be dealt with from outside. After the fall, Dorcus “ended her days in seclusion, a mirror and her parrot her dearest companions.” (a nod to Flaubert’s A Simple Heart.)

What do you think? Did you, too, find Dorcus’ role more problematic than the Native American legends?
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13 March 2016 @ 12:29 pm
Okay. I have now (after months!!) finished thanking the kind people who left a comment to Hitting the Mark, which I drew for the last severus_snape fest. I was truly amazed by the response to this fanart, both here on lj and on AO3 (where the fest's fanworks have been posted too.) I also wanted to thank melodyssister for reccing A Summer in York for one_bad_man, a community that has always been very kind with me. Thanks and cheers also to the people who befriended me after that rec.

As you may have noticed, I am rarely on lj these days, but to participate to the HP  and SS/HG fests during the Christmas season. Although not impossible, I find it harder to concentrate on HP fandom during other times of the year, nowadays. By the time Snape's birthday chimes is, I have already read almost exclusively HP fics for more than one month, and I'm eager to move on to new stuff. So I apologise for my lack of participation.

At long last, I have joined twitter (in order to participate to Kelly Sue DeConnick's #VisibleWomen retweets, despite the fact that she didn't retweet my links). I won't participate much to twitter as well, but for anyone interested, you can find me @cabepfir
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23 January 2016 @ 08:05 pm
Though with abysmal delay (mostly due to RL business), I still wanted to acknowledge my contribution to the latest hoggywartyxmas and pay the due thanks. The entry I created was Blue China (Gen, fic + art) , written and drawn for savvyshka. Dear sigune found the time to beta the short fic, and it's past time she received my thanks.

To anyone interested, I wanted to let you know that I've asked my grandmother to knit a four-houses-square blanket like the one that appears in my illustration. The first step has been taken, which is to draw an outline of the squares, and I also bought the wool for her. It was quite hard to find the shades, so I had to put together different brands, and the Hufflepuff black is not true black because the shop didn't have enough balls of wool.

I also wished to thank dreamy_dragon73 for her wonderful gift, the adorable Something Sweet (SS/HG, fic, PG) that brought a little more SS/HG into the last days of the fest.

My other favourite entries were:
Hoggywarty favourites 2015Collapse )

Finally, severus_snape is still going on! I haven't read any fic due to time limitations (also, it's difficult for me to read fics for three months in a row) but I definitely recommend it to you if you want something Snape-related to support you these days. As for myself, I'm mostly reading/watching/listening to stuff about WWII in this period.

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14 January 2016 @ 04:42 pm
Snape's voice has gone, again.

Alan Rickman was a myth for me even before he played Snape. Colonel Brandon is probably my favourite character of him and the sheriff of Nottingham is a close second. I would also remember him for a lesser known movie from the '90, An Awfully Big Adventure, in which he played an actor who plays Captain Hook in a theatre performance of Peter Pan.

I do imagine Snape very differently from what Rickman looked like in his sixties, but he brought a dignity and pride in the character that helped the Snape fandom community immensely. I don't know what or where we would be without the imput he gave to fangirling Snape by his mere presence.

He will be sorely missed.



BBC shared this photo on their article, of a young AR playing in Romeo and Juliet. The likeness with Snape is striking. We were just commenting with a friend of mine on facebook that he was too old when he played Snape, but that he was born for that role there's no doubt.
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27 December 2015 @ 07:00 pm
Hello hello!

I hope you all holidays are going well, or at least, without major complications. December 21st was the first day I didn't work after five weeks of working every single day, and I was starting to feel pretty tired. I am still working these days (except for Christmas day), but the situation is much more manageable.

Before I forget, I wanted to wrap up the sshg_giftfest which was honestly awesome this year. My own entry was The Salute, written & drew for the lovely rayvyn2k . My deepest thanks to delphipsmith for her invaluable help in betaing it, correcting all my English-as-second-language mistakes and fixing my Old English; and to her and amorette for their patience and care when lj messed up with the fanart's formatting. I owe you, ladies.

In the next few days I'll also upload The Salute on ff.net, but first I'll have to re-read the rules because it's been years since the last time.

The gift I received was Hermione Granger and What She Should Have Known All Along by Toodle Oo. (Title will change when she reposts it.) Toodle Oo chose my crack prompt Hermione thinks Snape is secretly gay and turned it into something cracktastic. With additional Harry/Draco in the background. Thank you so much!

The other fics from this round that I saved in my kindle are (in random order):

Recs under the cutCollapse )
I still have to finish three of the longer fics (The Librarian, Vesta's Flight and A Derailed Train of Thoughts) but apart from that I followed all the fest! I'm now reading hoggywartyxmas and will return to those fics when it's possible.